Jul 21, 2010

Hawaiian Hamster

My good friend Yvi loves my Etsy shop**, but wanted something extra special made for her. How could I say no? :) She had a few suggestions on the design though. She introduced me to "eye pillows" which I found out are the same kind of rice-filled pads that I've created. The only difference is the shape. Its meant to fit over the eyes for "sleepy relaxing time", or over the forehead for "ouchie migraine time".

This is what we came up with together. I like to call it "Hawaiian Hamster".

I really like this design! Its a lot easier to make than my rice dolls. Its just a rectangle... with stuff on it. The face is still handsewn. I've also added a flower for the first time. I think it came out pretty cute! I think I might make a few more of these for my shop to see if anyone else would like one. Since these are easier to make, I can price them a lot lower than my dolls too. Yay!

Yvi was totally cute with her suggestions! She gave me a list of her favorite colors and favorite things. And based on the fabrics I had, I sketched out some possibilities:

She immediately picked out the hamster! Which I was super excited about because hamsters are like... my #1 animal! haha! I've owned hamsters since I was a kid and I know them pretty well :)

Speaking of... this was one of my hamsters, Bambi-doll. She passed on a long time ago, but I still remember her. Bambi-doll was one of my favorites! I used to treat her with a biscuit and she would walk all around her cage with the big treat in her mouth... trying to find the perfect spot to put it down. It was almost like watching a dog play fetch! It was so cute!

Things have been super busy so far! I have tons of stuff that I'd like to share still! I have a Twitter if you'd like to keep up with my daily adventures. And also a Tumblr. I haven't exactly figured out what Tumblr is supposed to be used for yet. However, I like to use it as a collection of pictures and colors for ideas and inspiration... oh yeah, and also share lots of pictures of funny French Bulldogs! What can I say? I think they are AMAZING!

**please note: my Etsy shop is on vacation mode for the time being. I'm working on some amazing things and will re-open it sometime in August.


katie lee grosskopf said...

Omg, please sign me up for a puppy one.

Sarah said...

@katie: There will be puppies! I actually have a French Bulldog in the works! hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Sarah, the eye pillow idea is fantastic! And your Hawaiian hamster is way too cute!! :D You've been a busy girl! Would you be able to make me a Finn eye pillow sometime in the future? I have bothersome sinus headaches sometimes and an eye pillow sounds like a great solution ^.^ Plus, coolness on my eyes just feels nice >:3

I'm not sure how I'd pay you since I'm low on cash and need to get my sewing machine fixed at Sears, but you know where I live, so maybe we can do an art swap and I can show you a sketch of what I had in mind, haha.


Sarah said...

@Angie, I'll see what I can do. Custom orders are tricky because sometimes its hard for me to find the right fabric. Lucky enough Finn's colors are pretty basic.

I'm planning on going to the fabric shop again in the next few weeks, so I'll let you know then :) We can work something out about payment, no worries. Fwends! lol

Renae said...

So cute -can't wait to see your updated shop in the fall!

Lord Rinja said...

Hey Sarah. Good work on your latest Hamster creation. I always liked how you keep things interesting and innovative. Keep those creative juices flowing. Whenever you get a chance, feel free to hit me up with an e-mail about what we talked about at Anime Next. Good luck with everything and keep up the good work.

- Dave

Sarah said...

@Renae Thanks so much! Me too! I have so many ideas I want to share. This is going to be the best Fall ever! :)

@Lord Rinja Ya! Thanks Dave! The next few weeks I'll be super busy developing ideas and stuff. I want to have things ready before I can show you. We'll talk soon. :)