Aug 14, 2010

I'm Back and Open for Business!

Hi All! I've been having an absolutely magical summer! The last couple of weeks have been bliss! I spent the last couple of weeks traveling from coast to coast. I still have to sort through all my photos and videos! I'll probably share some tidbits from my trip when I'm finished editing everything. But more on this when its time :)

I got home last week, took a day to relax, and this week I've been back to work developing new designs, sewing, and stocking up my Etsy shop!

I'm happy to announce that there are a few new items available in my Etsy shop!

The All-Purpose Fox Pouch! It fits a lot of things for a little bag. Its small enough to put in your bookbag or purse, but large enough to be used as a clutch bag! It can fit all of your essentials like keys, wallet, phone, and there's still plenty of room.

And for the first time, I'm making my eye patches available online. I used to sell these at anime conventions. For now, I am selling them in black, but I will have other styles available in the future.

Two new cutie rice dolls are available in my shop now. Teddy Love in periwinkle! The fabric is soft and fluffy. There is only one available because I had just enough fabric to make one. I really like how this fabric feels, I'm hoping the fabric shop has more like this (and in more colors) the next time I go shopping!

I always save the best for last. I made a French Bulldog-shaped rice doll! Ah! I know its weird to keep gushing about French Bulldogs, but I think they are the cutest dogs ever! I don't have the time and space to own a real dog... so I made a doll because I love them so much. This one is special because it has an action-tongue! I made it so that the little felt tongue sticks out, just like a real dog! This is the perfect dog because it doesn't need to be fed or walked. It doesn't even poop! It only requires your love :)

My shop looks really small right now, but I still have more surprises to come! I have tons of ideas that I wish I could share right now, but not just yet.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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