Jun 29, 2010

Single Mingle & Bark review

Hi All! I've been meaning to post this a while ago, but the last few weeks have been absolute bananas! I'm catching up on some things I've been wanting to share. A few weeks ago, I attended a wonderful event called "Single, Mingle & Bark" sponsored by the Liberty Humane Society, my city's local animal shelter. It was held in Parlay Studios. It was such a beautiful space!

Walking in, it kinda felt fancy, like a gallery opening. They had munchies for humans.

And I guess munchies for animals too :P

The fanciness of the event was confirmed by the disco ball up above!

That's me! I'm wearing one of my favorite dresses and my vendor apron :)

The turn-out was pretty nice. There were a lot of people walking in throughout the day.

I thought it was nice of them to set up a space for professional animal portraits.

Say cheeeeese!

This is Snowflake. She's is the sweetest dog ever! (a little camera shy though). If I remember correctly, she is up for adoption. I hope she finds a home soon! She's a little rough around the edges as most puppies are, but with a loving home, I'm sure she'd be a great pet!

haha! So shy! I swear she knew I was taking photos and tried to avoid me every time!

I got to meet lots of dogs! Like this gigantic labrador!

Tiny timid doggie with big brown eyes.

Cone Poodle!

Fancy show-off dog! (This guy wasn't camera shy at all!)

3-legged dog. This is Marie, she was hit by a car and lost her leg. But that doesn't seem to bother her. She's such a happy dog! What a cute face :D

From this side, she looks like a baby seal. hehehehe

It was a great place to make new friends :)

Speaking of friends, let's look at Snowflake again!


I had a vendor table at the event. I was selling my rice dolls and other crafty things.

I somehow managed to acquire a bulk of condoms! I didn't know what to do with them, so I figured I'd give them out at the event. They might as well be put to good use since I'm not using them. But not a lot of people took them! I guess there are some things that are free that people don't want. Or maybe they were too shy. But at the end of the day, some were missing and I didn't even notice! Nobody told me that there were ninjas attending the event!! :O

There were other vendors there that had animal-themed, pet-related merchandise like Clays for Strays

What a noble cause!

They even make custom orders. The photo doesn't give the sculpture justice, there are a lot of details that my camera didn't capture! I love the little boxer statue :)

There was someone selling really nice custom made dog beds on Etsy. I don't remember the shop name, but I'll add it in when I remember it.

The Pupcake Dog Bakery had some hilarious dog snacks!

Eee! Look! Donuts and hotdogs!

Pizza and Pretzels! This makes me wish I owned a dog! I'd love to give my dog some of these!

Luca of Lollibomb Beauty on Etsy. She made some vegan doggie shampoo specifically for the event. No worries, she makes products for humans too. She's super duper nice! I met her at another craft show a few months earlier. I want to try her products sometime because I love them already. Her soaps have hilarious little sayings like "Wash the Hussy off" haha! Sassy!

I met the very lovely Celeste from the Made with Love bakery. They have so many kinds of goodies! Its hard to choose!


Gigantic bread!! <3

Cookies! Omnom nom nom!

And these tiny "hotdog" biscuits for dogs. So cute!

Let's look at more dogs! This is such a nice looking dog! Half pit bull and half labrador!

These dogs think that the people are going to give them something, so they're trying to be good!

This was the toughest-looking dog! She had a few scars on her face so I was kind of afraid to approach her because they made her look tough. But she let me pet her and was such a sweetheart. She was the nicest dog and had the softest fur! I'm sorry I misjudged yooouuu! You're the best dog ever!

Thirsty! There were bowls all over the place as refreshments for the dogs. hehehehe

I took a picture of your butt!

Snowflake again!

hehehe! What a nice looking dog! I love the coat color!

Lots of tiny doggies!

Making trouble?!

giant doggie hanging out.

This was the fluffiest dog!!!

Sometimes even dogs get caught taking photos with their eyes closed.

That's better!

hehehe! Another happy dog! I've never petted a wire-haired dog before this one and it was so weird! It was like petting a very warm wig. hahahaha! Very sweet dog though. This one loves attention :)

Can we go home now?

It was a really amazing event! So much love and thanks to the Liberty Humane Society for hosting! They have a few of their own photos if you'd like to see more. Which I'm glad because there was a beautiful rescued greyhound that I wasn't able to get a photo of! *hearts*

I hope you enjoyed! And remember, always consider adopting first!

-Sarah <3


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Angie! :D That event looks like it was a lot of fun! I'm more of a cat person than a dog person, but they all looked so cute and happy to be there ^.^ Glad you had a good time :D OT: How in the heck did you get bulk condoms? XD

sharon said...

AWESOME PICS! Thank you so much for taking them and posting them!
Please come to more of our events this summer and fall!
See u soon!
Sharon Harvey,
Liberty Humane Society

San Smith said...

This event looks so fun! And your table is inspiring - I want to start doing that!

Sarah said...

Hiya Angie!! Ya it was totally fun! I wish you could've made it. ahahah you could've met Snowflake!

@Sharon no problem, I had so much fun I had to share this with everyone! All of you from the LHS were greaet. Thanks again for hosting! I'll check your calendar for more events. I'd love to see everyone and the dogs again.

@San ah! You totally should! I'm sure you'd be a rockstar at craft shows :) The best part is meeting everyone and the creative vibe. Inspiration is all around! <3