Mar 23, 2010

Top 5 Tuesday: Etsy Extravaganza!

This edition of Top 5 Tuesday is an Etsy special! There are a couple of things that I've been eyeing and I'd like to share :)

1. Foodie Soaps by Soapopotamus! I particularly like the ones that she molded into breakfast foods. I have to repeat that these are actual soaps and not food! They look so real! The fried egg even looks like it has some flecks of black pepper over the yolk! Gosh, I really want to get these because I think it would be hilarious to have guests over and have them wash their hands with a fried egg or a piece of strawberry toast! omg! That would be the joke of the century! Soapopotamus has lots of soaps to choose from like donuts and cinnamon buns. But she does not limit the shapes to sugary confections. She even has some that are shaped like roasted chicken and false teeth! I want to be this girl's friend. She sounds like a lot of fun!

2. Breathers mini comic series by Justin Madson. I met Justin at Mocca Festival a few years ago. His comic books caught my eye when I passed his table because of his interesting character designs. He dresses his characters with goggles, wings, and robotic arms. I picked up Breathers vol. 0 for $2 and it was a very quick but deep read about a post-apocalyptic world where the air isn't safe. Its a sad tale, but I'm still interested to see where it goes.

3. Bear vase by Prettyrandomobjects. I was never really into pottery until I saw the work by Joanna Mendicino! Everything she makes is so cute! I love the simple face on her critter planters. I seem to have inherited a green thumb from my dad! I'm planning on raising African Violets someday and I would love for them to live in these darling pots!

4. Little Red Riding Hood Shirt by Em & Sprout. I have always been a fan of Lindsay's designs! Lindsay is an internet darling who was formerly known as "kid pirate". Now she extends her cuteness as Em & Sprout and is also the brains behind a sister site called Sick for Cute. I have a hard time choosing which shirts I want because I love them all. But I think I might end up getting this one because Little Red Riding Hood was one of my favorite children's stories (aaaand its in a lovely shade of green!)

5. Custom Cupcake Necklace by Migoto Chou. How cute! I love that she lets you customize something special. Its everything from the color of the frosting, the flavor of the cake (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry), toppings, to the scent! These would make wonderful gifts, or even a gift for yourself :)

Do you shop on Etsy too? If so, please let me know some of the things or shops you like. I love looking around Etsy!

Have a great week everyone! <3

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