Mar 16, 2010

Top Five Tuesday!

I've been meaning to get back into posting on Tuesdays! I got held up by other projects. oh noes! But guess what! These are the highlights I wanted to share while I was gone. Enjoy!

1. At the end of January, I was finally able to enjoy my Christmas present! My boyfriend bought me tickets to see Avenue Q off-broadway! I've been wanting to see this show for years! I knew about it a long time ago when it was first produced off-broadway. The tickets were only $23! But no one wanted to go with me because they didn't know what it was. Then the show started gaining popularity and was moved to Broadway. All the people that didn't want to go with me fell into the hype and saw it without me! Can you believe that?! Shortly after, Avenue Q was retired, but now its back! I was so SO happy to finally see it! Its one of the most original things I've ever seen on broadway. And I've been to a lot of broadway shows. The characters are all so dynamic and believe me, just because the puppets look cute and cuddly, they do not hold back! Raunchy and risqué? You bet! But all in good fun. I highly recommend this show!

2. Sometimes when I'm searching blogs and pictures, I come across one of these rare, internet gems that are hard to pass up. I've recently discovered Scanwiches! Its exactly what it sounds like. Pictures of sandwiches that met with fate on a flatbed scanner. I have this odd fascination with food photography and this satisfies my attraction to the weird and whacky.

3. One of my nerd secrets is that I love the Olympics! Did you watch it? This is one of the few things that I really look forward too. If its an Olympic year, I'm a couch potato. I seriously won't go out! I love the Olympics so much that it actually hurts my feelings a little bit when I hear people say that they find it boring. Boring?! The reason why I like it so much is that I admire the idea that the best in the world are competing with each other in some amazing cosmic competition! Its incredible to be good at something, but to be considered the best in the entire world? What an honor! I've always enjoyed the Winter Olympics since I since I was a kid. The huge attraction was always the figure skating. I remember my heroes on ice: Scott Hamilton (who can still do a backflip at age 51!), Surya Bonaly (from France who could do a backflip and land on one foot!), Kurt Browning, and Kristi Yamaguchi. My new heroes are Sasha Cohen, Michelle Kwan, Johnny Weir... ok, so you can tell that my inner nerd is oozing out.

Vancouver 2010 was different because I was actually excited about all of the events. I had my TV stuck to NBC for more than a week and it didn't matter what event was on. I liked them all. The skiing, snowboarding, cross-country and even odd events like curling. Admittedly I was drawn to Speed Skating because of Apolo Ohno, but I've been watching him since Salt Lake City in 2002. He has that athletic charisma and has grown a lot in his career! He's interesting to watch. Ever see him in interviews? He's so poised and confident. I envy that :) But anyway, back to speed skating, try giving it a chance. Its so exciting! I'm glad the short track is under three minutes because there are times when I'm holding my breath! Amidst the chaos there is also a lot of strategy and power involved.

Ok... last thing about the Olympics (I swear!). Didn't you just love the Olympic mascots! Soooo cute! The picture above shows Sumi, Quatchi, and Miga. I was thrilled that the character designs looked familiar and it turns out that they were created by one of my favorite design houses Meomi! Everything they make is cute!

4. As you know, last month I went to the International Toy Fair in NYC. Well, if there was anything I would've liked to take back from the fair was toys. And I had to choose, I would have liked to take home one of the toys from Flying Monkey LLC. You can't go wrong with dinosaurs! And guess what! Its actually two toys in one! They're so cute!

I also met the nice guys at Joola. They are developing a very cute miniature ping pong table. Its seriously only about 4 feet long! Don't be fooled by the size! You can actually play a full game on the tiny table! I spent part of my day at their booth playing ping pong and talking about anime conventions. Good stuff :)

5. This is my new friend! Her name is Taco! I'm not allowed to have big pets where I live, so I keep my pet enthusiasm by housing little critters like Taco. She's a gerbil and fearless. I don't think she realizes that she's small. The first few days after owning her, I held her in my hand and she climbed up my arm (and really fast too)! She's fun to have around. Her favorite food is peanuts.

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