Dec 22, 2009

Top 5 Tuesday: Random things that make me happy

There's a really fun trend among bloggers called "Things I Love Thursday". I like to blog a day in advance or the day of, and Thursday just doesn't seem to work. I usually work on projects on Sunday, so I like to take Wednesdays off as a tv night or hanging out and that leaves no time for blogging. How sad! I still want to participate so I'm making my own day to rave about the things I like! I was aiming to start this for 2010, but so many amazing things happened this week that I can't wait two weeks. So this is the first installment of Top 5 Tuesday!!

5. The Poladroid application for Windows and Mac! This is an oldie but a goodie. I have been playing with this recently and I am in love with the results! I never had the pleasure of owning a polaroid camera, but I have used one before. I can tell you this, this program is almost as good as the real thing! Not only will you get unpredictable color results like a real camera, but it features the "developing" noise and you can shake up your photo so it develops faster! How fun! I've used this for my Bennyville Etsy banner. Guess what! The program is free!

4. Amirugumi Dolls! These are knitted stuffed toys that originated in Japan. The trend has growing strong in the US. I love looking at Amigurumi Kingdom's cupcake bears on Flickr! This makes me want to learn how to crochet. The patterns look confusing to me, but I will learn someday!

3. Homemade Cookies. I've decided that this will be my new hobby even though I don't really bake. Sweet treats make people happy and I want to be the person who does this. At my Mom's request I made oatmeal cookies and before that I baked a banana cake that my Mom's co-workers are still talking about!

2. The Princess and the Frog. As my pal Dade says, "Disney got its groove back!" I think he's right! This movie reminds me of the old-school fairytales that Disney used to make. Its a cute make-you-feel-good movie that children and adults will adore. I sense a comeback!

1. Pac-Man Hamster on Youtube! This little video put me in such a good mood! I dig the sound effects. On the subject of hamsters, I found a girl on Flickr who loves hamsters more than I do! She's known as Pyza on Flickr. Her animal photography is gorgeous! She manages to position her little cuties like stuffed animals. I've owned hamsters and believe me, its incredibly hard to get them to sit still. Not only is she a talented photographer, but she has a funky fashion style too! I love this outfit! Her shoes are so cute!

I hope you enjoyed a little slice of my life :)
There's more to come! My next blog entry will be my first month experience with Etsy! <3
Have a lovely week!

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