Dec 29, 2009

Top Five Tuesday

Ok, I lied. My next entry isn't about my first month on Etsy, I didn't quite finish writing that blog... but in the meantime I give you this!

1. King Kong VS the Dinosaurs. I'm not a fan of the movie, but I was flipping channels over the weekend and I saw this scene that had me at the edge of my seat while holding my breath! King Kong is pretty bad ass! This must have been a lot of fun for the writers and animators, "Let's have King Kong fight a dinosaur. No wait... two... THREE!!" The remake wasn't that great, but it did have its moments and they can be relived via YouTube. But what's up with the rock music?! haha! It just seems too obvious to add rock music to visuals about breaking stuff.

2. Optimism. The only spot worthy for a king was #1, so optimism will have to settle for #2. I have been reflecting about this year a lot. This was not a good year for me at all, but I have held on to my optimism for 365 days. Its all I have to get through the hard times and keep pushing along. Its really nice to keep things around that inspire you. I found this cute animation to remind myself that life isn't all that bad. I'm counting down the days until 2010 so I can start over.

3. Persimmons. Winter is my least favorite season, but there are a few things I look forward to and at the top of my list is persimmons! They are so refreshing and abundant this time of year! If you've never had a persimmon before, they look like strange tomatoes, taste like ripe cantaloupe, and the flesh is as crunchy and juicy as a plum. Persimmons need to be peeled. The skin is tough, waxy, and unpleasantly tart. When I was a kid, I loved reading scientific fact sheets with the technical drawings and Latin names. So I give you this one about persimmons. Science is fun!

4. Nail Polish. I live in a part of the United States where we get four seasons and sometimes the cold and dreary days leave people less to be happy about. One way to cheer myself up is to dress myself with bright colors either through my clothes or nail polish colors. It is a cheap and fun way to pamper yourself. My current favorite color is Coconut Kiss by China Glaze (its the third one down). Its the most amazing shade of purple I've ever seen! I had a similar nail polish color in highschool but that bottle was long lost. I was ecstatic when I found this color! This replacement is actually much better! <3

5. Charity. This past Christmas I asked my family not to give me any presents. Instead I asked them to donate to my charity of choice. I brought along my fund raising envelope and was scared whether or not they'd accept my hippie ideas. I was expecting it to be filled with a few pennies and dimes, but surprisingly they were very supportive! I got a couple of generous checks for the cause! Yay family!

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