Jan 5, 2012

Maybe I secretly like cats

Its not a secret that me and cats don't get along. For years I have been at war with The Cats ever since They have infiltrated my backyard, leaving paths of destruction and poo in my garden, and also fornicating in the bushes. I also recently discovered that I'm mildly allergic to cats now! When I'm around one for too long, my mouth and tongue get puffy. That said, its been hard to warm up to any cats I've encountered.

I recently met what some have named a Miracle Kitten. She's a miracle in many ways! I am pleased to introduce you to Wiley Kit Kat, or Kit Kat for short.

Kit Kat was rescued about a month ago. She was probably wandering around for weeks and eventually got trapped in the garage where she was found, emaciated. We suspect that she was a runaway pet and not a stray simply because this tiny cutie just has such good manners. Believe me, I've met many strays and they don't have any manners at all!

Sean and Nat tried their best to find her original owners by posting Lost Notices at the vet's office, online, also in and around neighboring towns. In the meantime, they've been taking her to the vet and nursing her back to health. I'm happy to report that Kit Kat was cleared of any serious conditions with the vet and all she has to do is gain her weight back.  Eat, eat, eat! I'm sure she's ok with that job!

After the valiant efforts from my friends, they still weren't able to find her owners. And with all the care and attention they've given her, they got attached. Kit Kat now lives with my friend, Sean. She hasn't been there for very long and has already taken over the house!

We call her a miracle for surviving her terrible ordeal since Winter is starting to hit us hard. She also is somehow not triggering anyone's allergies (including mine!). And lastly, I've never heard of a cat that doesn't shed. Sean has a dark brown couch and there wasn't a trace of cat hair on it! Who knows if this is just a kitten thing, but heck, none of us are complaining!

She's a proper cat and sits like a lady. She liked me the first time she met me. Sean and Nat say that she's a social cat, but doesn't trust just anyone she meets. The best part about this cat is, you can make a fort out of pillows and right away she'll sit inside her "kingdom". I like that she poses for photos. Look how she neatly folds in her paws and tail! Awww!

So maybe... just maybe I'm warming up to them.


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Geekilicious said...

What a proper little lady! She's adorable.

I just love cats and their snobbishness.

Gale said...

heee heee hee! i hated cats all my life til jeff found a liter of them in an empty apartment once and brought home our louie!(who we first named lucy) now i'm such a crazy cat lady lol. kit kat is darling!! i'm happy she's all better and found a good home and good friends too:D