Aug 25, 2011

Fan Art Free Week #4

Today FAFW is celebrating two milestones that happened this week! I've been waking up a little early to lift weights in addition to my exercise routine. This is a big deal because I hate exercising, but lifting weights is necessary for a strong body and healthy bones! The second milestone is that my hair grew a little bit and now I can put it into a tiny ponytail! Pictured on the right is an accurate depiction of me. ha!

The image on the left is the outfit that I wore yesterday. A solid black button-down dress with a skinny belt, striped thigh-high socks, plaid hat, and sneakers. I wish I wore different shoes, but I don't have better options since I walk a lot. I'm not a person who suffers for fashion anymore.

Tomorrow is the last day of FAFW for me!

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Katie said...

Congratulations on your fanart free week!!!