Aug 23, 2011

Fan Art Free Week #2

This is my second submission for FAFW and I'm going strong so far! I'm continuing with the watercolors. I'm really having fun with this medium and I prefer them to markers. I like how the colors spread out with the brush and that the colors layer easily without looking harsh. 

Today is a steamy bath scene... ok, not really. When I was drawing this I was thinking about how nice it would be to take a nice hot bath or bubble bath. I think its the best way to forget about a stressful day! 

(If you know what that blue and white thing is, than you can be my friend)

I highly recommend the bath bombs and bubble bars from Lush Cosmetics. They make baths a lot of fun with aromatherapy and fun-colored water. I've been buying things from that shop for a long time and I'm still figuring out my favorites. There's a lot to choose from. I really want to try the Sunny Side bubble bar because it has gold glitter in it!

I hope you're enjoying FAFW so far. I'll be back tomorrow!

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