Jul 13, 2011

Color me wild! Funky animal prints!

Hi Everyone! Its been a while since I made an art related post. I've been very busy working on lots of things and will be sharing them in the coming weeks! Hooray!

One of my recent projects was really fun. I was working with a client who wanted animal prints and funky patterns for young girls. They didn't give me a lot of instructions, which in this case is an artist's dream. This means that I am free to create anything. I snuck in colors that they normally wouldn't allow me to use for girls apparel. I used colors like black, teal, and mustard yellow! This may not seem like a big deal to the casual observer, but in the design world I've seen people get into heated arguments over colors. Testing the waters is a lot like a criminal act!

I'm pretty happy with the results. And even happier that my client was pleased. A win/win situation!

Giraffes appear in my work often because they are my favorite!

Jaguars are pretty cool especially if they are neon!

I like to experiment with color and a lot of the time my ideas get shot down, but I never get truly upset. Along the way there may be two thousand bad ideas before you get a good one. I'm happy that I can continue to push boundaries throughout all the experiments and mistakes. As an artist, its important to stay fresh and original. Its very easy to fall into the uncomfortable position of making work for others for the sake of getting praise rather than creating personal work that will allow you to grow in more ways that you can imagine. I remind myself of this every now and again.

I need to somehow incorporate this funky stuff into my wardrobe without looking like a tacky stripper. ha! That's all for now. I'm hungry....


cuteordeath said...

Wow, these are great! I love both color palettes! Great job!

emosewa said...

Aw I love giraffe print! So funky and cute

Sarah Monster said...

i really love how you snuck hearts into the giraffe print, so cute!

Rockbleeder said...

Wow!I love animal prints :)