Jun 9, 2011

Style File: Walk the Crooked Path

Zigzag Halter: Old Navy
Slate Cardigan: Wet Seal
Navy Shorts: Forever 21
Layered Chain Necklace: Wichser Studio
Strawberry Purse: Target
Watch: Puma
Boots: Dr. Martens (new!)

My boyfriend and I took an impulsive vacation to a sleepy beach town at the southernmost part of NJ. I have a bad habit of bringing my "yucky clothes" to vacation because my only concern is being comfortable. When I come back from vacation, I end up hating how I look in pictures. The reason is because I know that I didn't take more of an effort to dress nice. This time, I put more thought into my outfits. I'm really glad I did! And guess what! I was still comfortable :)

I am still getting the hang of having my photo taken for these fashion things. I'm not sure if you sense the dorkiness in my smile haha! Its a lot of fun though! Hopefully I can get over my shyness!

There are two things that I must mention very quickly, but are deserving of their own posts. First, I finally decided on a pair of Dr. Martens! I wrote a blog post about wanting a new pair a little while ago.  I ended up not getting any of the ones I was eyeing. Instead I settled on the Blake in Grey Savannah! I love everything about them including the name. But more on that later :)

The second very important thing I must mention is the necklace I am wearing. Its very special to me because it was made by Gale at Wichser Studio. She is an artisan who I've gotten to know recently through blogger. I love that necklace so much! I wear it almost everyday!

There will be more posts coming soon. I've had a lot of recent adventures I'd like to share :)


Gale said...

Yay you got your Docs!! I love the style of them & your colors in this style post are yummy in my eyes. You don't even know how much it means to me that you like the necklace. That makes my heart happy! <3 Oh and I'm the same way when it comes to photos that someone else takes of me...pretty shy. I feel like I need to get over that too hehe. But you're lovely and more of these post will get you even more comfortable in no time. Keep them coming!

Sarah said...

Docs forever! heee!

Thank you so much for creating my necklace! Not only do I 'like' it, I loooove it! I have a lot to say about it in a future blog post :)

Katie said...

I love your outfit!! The best part of it, though, is definitely your dorky smile! I love it! <3

Phil said...

Hey Sarah,

You got your new Docs! Congratulations! Nice one. :O) Not my type but people have different tastes. With them though, I'm 100% sure you owned that crooked path!

All the best with you foot stompin' adventures! :O)

- Phil