Feb 8, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday: Dance in Your Underwear When No One is Looking

Hello Blog dears! My life has turned upside-down this past month! While I'm not quite ready to share the life-changing events, I will tell you that things have been amazing so far! I can confidently say that I am quite happy! I'm celebrating by sharing some things that I've been into lately:

1. Cookie Cutters! I want to get into making cute food and bento boxes. Cookie cutters are an easy way to transform normal food into fun food. You can use them for more than just cookies. I never thought to use them for other things like sandwiches, vegetables, fruit and cheese. I got interested in cute food when a few friends and I wandered around Brooklyn and found Whisk. Its a quirky shop that had lots of cooking gadgets. My friend Sarah G bought an adorable acorn cookie cutter. After our little field trip, I couldn't get cookie cutters out of my brain. I started researching and found a site called The Cookie Cutter Shop which sells hundreds of cookie cutter shapes!  I really like the safari animals collection (mostly for the giraffe!). If you decide to collect cookie cutters, don't forget to take proper care of them too. I found a helpful site that has cleaning and storage tips.

2. The IT Crowd is a British television show that was introduced to me by my very good pal seekatiedraw. To be honest, I don't think I know anyone else who loves to laugh more than her. I knew that this show was going to be good, really good! And by golly it exceeded my expectations! This show is about a bunch of nerds that work for a gigantic corporation. The corporation is so huge, that they were kind of forgotten about so office shenanigans ensue including the fact that they transformed their office into a dorm room.

The IT Crowed is comedy in its purest form: slapstick comedy, site gags, and nonsensical banter! I thought that it was starting to become a lost art! Its really difficult to find a modern television show that doesn't have pop culture references. The IT Crowd doesn't rely on current events to make it funny. With the addition of a very charming cast, this show is an absolute winner that I hope will become one of your favorites :) I know its mine! This show is so funny you might wet your pants haha! You've been warned!

3. Canimals! I think these critters are new because I haven't found them anywhere! I was wandering around a Korean market and they had tons of these adorable stuffed animals with dumb facial expressions! I have no idea where they are from, what they are for, or what it means, but I do know that I like what I see! And I hope you like them too. I found a cartoon of them invading a school.

The characters are so ridiculous! I love the little pug and the siamese cat!

4. One of my favorite places to get music is The Free Music Archive which I mentioned in a previous blog post. It deserves another mention because today I found the most amazing album! Its called Voy a Explotar. The best part is that the entire album is free to download! I'll put the link here. Its a soundtrack to a soon-to-be-released film. I have no idea what kind of film this is because I found the soundtrack first. I may have to seek out the movie because all of the tracks are amazing! The tracks jump from different genres including indie, dance, techno, rock, and some experimental tracks. This is a bit of an over-share, but I was dancing by myself in my underwear to some of the tracks. And I suggest you do it too. Its really fun! haha!

5. An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory is what I am currently reading. I've been really interested in sketchbooks, concepts, and the artists' process after completing The Sketchbook Project. This is exactly what the book is about! Its a huge book that consists of scans of artists' sketchbooks. They range from casual doodlers to professionals illustrators. It includes one of my art heroes James Jean!

Its a fascinating, voyeuristic view into an artist's mind. As the pages unfold, you get a glimpse of how they think and what inspires them. In addition, they share intimate thoughts of their struggles with art and that they too feel intimidated by a blank page. Its pretty deep stuff! It definitely recommend it if you're an artist or writer. I promise that you'll learn something valuable :)

That's all I have for now. I do have lots of things to blog about and I do hope I find the time to be able to share more cool stuff :)

Have a great week everyone!


cuteordeath said...

Yes! I love this post! A friend got me An Illustrated Life for Christmas last year. It's really inspiring!

Sarah said...

@cuteordeath That's so awesome! Its definitely a great gift :) I borrowed mine from the library. Actually, this is the second time I checked it out lol.

s0nlxaftrsh0ck said...

The IT crowd looks exactly like the cover of the Weezers blue album. AND THAT'S SERIOUSLY SO AMAZING! Where do i find this?!

Phil said...

Hiya Mate! :)

Tis a mixed Top Five Tuesday this week!

I'm not that big in to Cookies or the cutters. However, my favourite cookie type are the large ones with smarties in them from Tesco.
They're great when they're soft, but I can't stand them when they're crunchy. You have to take potluck when you buy them because they don't make them any particular way! So I don't buy them much anymore.

I've seen bits of the IT Crowd, not really interested me much. I like Channel 4's other offering, 'The Inbetweeners'. It's another programme you may like. It's about a group of British Highschool/college losers. Sounds basic, but it's funny.

Not sure about the other things, but something to look in to. But I think the canimals are just typical of something you'd like! hahaha

Yet again, you got something SUPER CERIAL going on! And w ehave to wait? :P Ya tease us too much mate! haha But good luck with whatever you're up to. :)

Hope you're keeping well, mate. Have a good weekend! :)