Jan 26, 2011

I learned how to make desktop wallpaper!

Hello Blogateers! Its been a long week and its only Wednesday! With hard work comes triumph! I learned something new and its something that I've been wanting to learn how to do for a long time. This week I studied how to make repeating pattern wallpaper. I had no idea how easy it was! And the best part is that virtually any image can be turned into a pattern. Nifty!

I found this very helpful tutorial. It explains how repeating patterns work and shows step-by-step on how to make your own.

For my first attempt at a wallpaper, I wanted to work with something easy. I chose to make an argyle pattern since its symmetrical and I came up with this:

Ah! Its so cute! It actually came out better than I expected
so I am using it as my desktop wallpaper:

Please excuse the big bear photo... I can't show the secret stuff!

I made an alternate version too:

I think the first version came out better than the second, but overall, I'm pretty happy with the results! I liked them so much that I decided to share them. You can pick the one you like best :) The cool part is that these wallpapers work on any sized desktop since they're tiled.

Click to get pink!

Click to get purple!

You are welcome to use these wallpapers for personal use. But for any other use, editing, or evil intention... my you experience hell on Earth for the rest of your living days and a hex upon your afterlife and beyond. In a nutshell, its not cool to steal art. Moving on...

There are so many possibilities with this new skill. I can design more wallpapers and maybe fabric designs too. And I think I will! Yay!


Katie said...

Love it, Sarah! I took the darker version! <3

Gale said...

Congrats on learning something new! That's awesome and it came out great! I love the colors and the kitties. And now you can make more wallpaper anytime you want..cool.

Btw, thank you for sharing information on the *ahem* funbags haha. I know it's true for women and it happens, and you're right at least getting fit means being healthier! That's really what I want to focus on right now and what's most important:)

Have a great weekend, Sarah!

Liquid &Tunsie said...

cute wall paper! keep up the good art!

Sarah said...

@ Liquid &Tunsie Thanks and I will. Yay! <3

Rosamaria Barnes said...

My favorite color is purple, so I am downloading the purple one! Although I like the pink version too because it looks so dainty. Hmmm… I think I’ll just get both :)

Rosamaria Barnes

Sandra Tigue said...

Hello, Sarah! These wallpapers are cute. My daughters would definitely love them! It's been two years since you made this, so I assume you have made more wallpapers since. You really do have a knack for this. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I loved it!