Jan 4, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday

Today I realized I was sending a lot of links on Twitter... so it was probably better to blog about them instead. Hello Top 5 Tuesday!

1. To start the first week of the new year, its a good idea to keep your computer in tip top shape whether its backing up files, deleting programs you don't need, or in my case, clear up some memory. If you're a Mac user like me, I found a really good article for 11 simple ways to keep your Mac running smoothly. I used six out all of them and improved my computer's performance by so much. Some of the major culprits were keeping too much clutter on the desktop, too many icons on the menu bar, too many shortcuts on my web browsers, and too many widgets on the dashboard. After all of that [and more] I increased my computer's memory by 96%! I knew my computer was running slower than usual, but I had no idea it was by that much! I'll make it a point to check on my computer every couple of months now.

2. Winter is my least favorite season because I don't feel like there's much of an opportunity to look cute and still feel warm. I feel like I get lost as I add on extra layers. However, there are ways to brighten up your wardrobe. Lately I've been admiring hats by Talk2TheTrees. She creates unique hats inspired by woodland pixies and forest creatures. I love everything in her shop! I'm also quite a fan of her blog where she features interesting thoughts and beautiful photos. I highly recommend her for daily blog reads!

3. Today I stumbled upon a strange article when I was looking for reference photos for the Sketchbook Project. I typed in "lots of cats" and found a fascinating article about a man who bought 30 acres of land and built a cat village. I have a secret... admittedly, I don't really like cats! Some scare me with the way that they stare, and wait, and think evil things. However, I do have friends that have cats that are awesome pets. So I don't completely hate them. Though... a tiny piece of me still finds them creepy.

An image from the article. (somanycatsomg!)
I have to admit, he's a pretty good architect!

I have a theory that maybe I just don't like cats since I've always felt a kinship with rodents and small animals. Like all tiny creatures of the world, I'm small and its a big world out there!

Cats just might be my natural enemy and I have proof.

Look what I'm holding! A stuffed animal in the shape of a guinea pig! I also have to mention... look at my dress and matching shoes! hahahhahaha!

4. My favorite movie of this week is a Woody Allen film called Radio Days. Its a compilation of vignettes centered around the the height of broadcast radio in the early 1940s. I love period films because its always hard to imagine what life was like back then. This has everything I like in a film from the colorful characters, conservative wardrobe (I love fashion during this time!), witty dialogue, and old-timey tunes. Its quickly become one of my favorite films.

Seth Green plays a young Woody Allen!

5. I found a little gem on the internet. Its a video where a cute little kid named Jessica is talking to herself in the mirror announcing her "Daily Affirmations". I've been having some tough times and found that daily affirmations, powerful quotes by powerful people, and thinking positively has been helping me. But even after all that, this little kid is light years ahead of me! She's amazing! I think she figured out the secret to life! Check out the video and you'll see.

That's all that I have! Let's make it a beautiful week!


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Hello Again Vintage said...

I definitely need to clean up and organize the files on my computer. And also start scanning it regularly, again.