Jan 1, 2011

2010 in Photos

If I could describe 2010 in one word it would be bittersweet. There were way too many disappointments and let downs for me. The only thing I can do is learn from my experiences and accept it as another transition year. Deep down in my heart, I know that there are great things to come. I just have to keep my eyes open and listen a little closer for opportunities.

Its not healthy for me to to dwell on my shortcomings. Instead I will share the highlights of 2010

Baked lots of cupcakes
Ate lots of cupcakes

Made my 10,000 mile on my new car

Made a new friend

Hung out with my family in Curacao

Went rock climbing

Went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Showed my boyfriend the bamboo forest on the top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Met lots of cool dogs!

Finally got to meet one of my online besties when I went to London.

Went punting in Cambridge with my travel Munky and online bestie, Dock!

Hung out with my Grandma a lot!

Made lots of these

Attended lots of craftshows

Brought my travel Munky along to Seattle, WA

Stood at the top of the Space Needle

Witnessed my boyfriend get eaten by a shark!

Ate a beautiful sandwich with seekatiedraw!

Hung out with online bestie, Trixxi, in New York City!

Won some free soap!

Got snowed in

Other notable things that happened in 2010: Spent a few days in Virginia Beach, saw Lady Gaga Live in Rockefeller Center, was in the studio audience of the Martha Stewart Show, attended anime and comic conventions, got a bass guitar, donated my hair (measured 18 inches!), Flew on a trapeze

Favorite restaurants of 2010: Morimoto, Jewish Mother, Katz Deli, Skylark Lounge, Pizza Hut

Looking back on 2010 I have had a lot of wholesome experiences, traveled more than any other given year, and met and hung out with lots of great and amazing people!

I'm really optimistic about 2011! I'm hoping that this is the year where I will find luck in finding a career, define my fashion style, and have more photo opportunistic adventures.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Sarah!

Happy New Year! :D

You've had an eventful year, Mate! If these are the good parts then the bad parts should pale in significance to them! You look like you had so much fun! :D

OK! I want one of those cupcakes! I wasn't hungry 'till I saw them on your blog! E-mail me one! Oh wait, that's not possibe yet! (>_<) lol. Is the Horse edible? ;O)

Your fule clock looks like the one from the Star ship Enterpise! It's 100,000,0!

Awww your new Gerb is cute! :D

You look a little bit like you're clinging on for dear life on that wall! LOL! Did your Mam and Dad egg you on for a laugh? hehe

Your bestie mate from London is cute! Put a good word in for me! ;)

I swear, that Monkey's been on more Holidays than me! Is it possible to be jealous of a stuffed animal?

Your BF's my new hero! Being eaten by a Shark and he's all Mr. Spock curious! Legend!

You're learning bass-guitar? One of my things to do this year is to start learning Guitar again! We can form a band! We'll be the best band in the world ever!

Anyway, Mate! Happy New Year, again, and all the best for 2011. I hope you achieve everything you want to! Because you deserve it! :)

All the best,

- Phil

wichser studio said...

Aww this was a great post. I loved seeing all your photos of your fun-filled 2010. I agree with you when you say the past year was bittersweet, mine was too. But I also agree that it's better to learn, reflect on the good, and move onto the next year optimistically!

Btw I'm really happy to have found your blog in 2010. You always have great things to share!

Happy New Year Sarah!

P.S. YOUR HAIR WAS SUPER LONG!! & it's awesome that you donated it WOW :D

Hello Again Vintage said...

Happy New Year, Sarah. Hopefully this year brings you lots more good.


Sarah said...

@Gale + Grace Aww Thanks dolls <3 Happy New year to you as well :)

@Phil oh man! hahahaha you always ask me marathon questions. I think I may have to email you ;)