Oct 27, 2010

You're Invited to The Sketchbook Project!

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

Hello Bloggateers! Its been crazy the past few weeks but I'm happy to announce that I'm doing well and I have lots of exciting projects that have been keeping me busy. I want to extend an invitation to you about one of the personal projects that I have been involved with: The Sketchbook Project! I've heard about this a few years ago when it was new but I either couldn't devote the time, or I chickened out! I've always wanted to participate and luckily I was browsing online one day and found out that the project is still going strong!

So... what is the Sketchbook Project? In a nutshell, for a small fee, you're sent a blank sketchbook from The Art House Co-op, a Brooklyn-based artist community. Then your quest is to fill up the sketchbooks with wonderful things and send it back by January 2011. Then the books will tour the United States as a traveling library until it makes its permanent home in the Brooklyn Art Library. Pretty neat, huh? I'm announcing this with just a few days to spare. The last day to sign up is Halloween, October 31, 2010. The deadline has been EXTENDED to November 15, 2010!

I signed up for the project back in August and my book was sent within 2 weeks. Included in the packet is a blank Moleskin sketchbook, a library card, and an instruction sheet. The neat thing about the project is that you get to pick the color of the sketchbook and the theme of your project. I chose burgundy and my theme is "Its raining dogs and cats". I have so many ideas for my book! Unfortunately, my book still sits blank because I had a few craft shows and prior obligations, but now that my schedule cleared up a bit more I can commit more time to this project. I've been itching to do this so badly but just didn't have the time. I kept my sketchbook right in front of my keyboard to keep myself hyped up about the project :)

There are a few things about the sketchbook. Its not a typical Moleskin book. The size is a lot larger than the famous hip-pocket books. This one measures 5.5x8.5 inches. The cover is made out of cardstock and includes a back pocket. The pages aren't as thick as the typical Moleskin pages and because of this, I've heard a lot of people complaining about inks bleeding through the pages. This was further investigated by fellow blogger, Maken Art, where she tested different media effects on the pages. I don't think this is the end of the world because there are other ways to approach this. Although, the thin-paper issue effects me because I plan on experimenting with water colors. I've decided to rebind my book with heavier pages. I'm so happy I took a book-binding class in college! It comes in handy for things like this. Huzzah!

I will be posting my progress for the Sketchbook Project on my blog. And if you guys are participating, please comment and let me know. I'd love to check out your sketchbooks too! Don't forget, the last day to sign up is November 15, 2010. Anyone from around the world can participate! Please check out the official site for more info. Thanks for reading and good luck to you all!


Sarah Marie said...

i have a few pages of my sketchbook filled in. gotta start using it more, my best sketching moments are stuck in class, so it's the best time to start doodling away! i think that's the best trick, keep it in you always and use it as your main source of doodle-spiration!

Sarah said...

@Sarah M: Huzzah! You're a lot further along than me. That's really exciting :) That's definitely sound advice! I've been adventuring as of late. Heeeey, if you're not too busy, we should have like a sketchbook/cupcake party or something! We can fill the pages together :)

Katie said...

They extended the deadline until November 15th, and I just signed up. Let's fill some sketchbooks!

Sarah said...

@katie Yay!! Another recruit!! <3

wichser studio said...

This is awesome! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm hoping you will definitely post once your done. I entered something like this earlier in the summer called 'The Notebook Journey' you can read about it here>>


But with this, I think it'll finally reach me when I've already forgotten about it. But I guess it will make for a lovely surprise.

So I just read a comment of one of your followers and she said the deadline for The Sketchbook Project is extended to the 15th!! I might just join right now =)

I'm happy you posted about this. Thanks and have a good day!

Sarah said...

@Gale Huzzah! Another recruit! I hope you join us. I checked the notebook journey! It looks like they're doing another one. I think I may do that one too :3 Thank so much for telling me about that one. fun fun fun!

p.s. I added the date extension on my blog post so everyone can check it out now :)

wichser studio said...

me and the hubster just joined! exciting. thank you so much for introducing me to a new project. my theme is "below the surface". i need to brainstorm.