Nov 5, 2009

Its good to be busy

Hey Everyone! The past week and a half have been so crazy! I'm up to the wazoo with fun personal projects. Some of them are secret! But this is what I can share.

Halloween week was nuts because I had some illustrations that I left for the last minute. Dock from hosted his [annual?] Halloween costume artwork exchange for his friends. I've wanted to do this for years and years but the timing was never right. I'm was so happy that I actually had time to do it this year! I finished my illustration four days early too! The result is Dock's transformation if he ever encountered a Mahou Mahou Panda Power Wand!!!

I had a lot of fun with the magical girl parody! But oh man... I was a bit cruel with the concept sketch. Instead of a skirt, Dock was originally wearing frilly panda panties!

He drew a really awesome illustration of me as an Animal Crossing character! Its my favorite simulation game for Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo DS lite, and Wii. I love this game so much, I've played all three versions. I <3 that he drew me in a plaid dress of my favorite color!

I've been working with my pal J0mzzz on Deviantart. We're both pretty new to the DA scene. His strength is pencils and my strength is colors. So we figured we should combine our powers for maximum awesomeness! I'm not sure if this is safe for work so click at your own risk. The link will lead you to some bikini-clad comic girls.

I don't mind coloring this genre, but I hope he decides to draw something else for me to color. He's pretty good at drawing monsters and robots too.

I spent Halloween with my boyfriend. We walked around NYC to catch the parade, which was fun until it rained. You know the saying, "Hate to rain on your parade?". Its true! Watching a parade in the rain sucks. We wanted to be in it... but there was some sort of human traffic jam and between the rain and the cold, we decided to leave NYC. The next best thing was to hope on a train back to Jersey and eat tasty Vietnamese food. We were so hungry we didn't even really look or talk to each other. It was like... survival mode.

Some of my favorite costumes of the night: (sorry no pictures, I knew there was a chance of rain so I didn't bring my camera)

• The Muppets Band
• Winnie the Pooh with the Donnie Darko bunny mask
• Cupcake girl (I need to draw this!)
• Ghetto pizza box costume (I need to draw this too!)
• 7 ft. Spartan. (How does anyone grow so tall?!)

Strangest costume.... well, let's just say, I saw some dude's hairy testicles. haha! The things you see NYC...
Actually... I'm not sure if "birthday suit" counts as a costume. That's very little effort in my opinion.

And finally... I was DYING when I saw this Weezer promo!!!

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