Apr 2, 2009

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School with Raquel Reed

Hello everyone! I had a fantastic art weekend! Last Saturday I went to a figure drawing event for Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School. Don't you just love that name?

It was a real treat because the model was local celebrity, Raquel Reed!

This was a photo taken from the event. She looks absolutely gorgeous in person. Actually, she didn't seem real. Raquel looked like a doll brought to life! I think she did really well for a first time model for a drawing class. Holding poses sure isn't easy!

The theme for the class was a tribute to cupcakes! With cupcakes sponsored by Glittle Cupcakes. The Poor girl spent the entire night baking six dozen cupcakes! I was following her Twitter the day of the event. haha! There were also cupcakes sponsored by Cupcakes take the Cake. CTTC sure comes up with some interesing flavors. On their blog, they mentioned Spicy Mexican chocolate cake with cinnamon buttercream icing and red hots. OMG! I'd love to try that!

Here are my sketches from the event:

One minute poses
Boy did I feel rusty using that charcoal for the first time in years!

More one minute poses

Two minute poses

More two minute poses
I'm starting to feel comfortable drawing again.

Five minute pose

Ten minute pose
(this was my favorite drawing out of the bunch)
Her arm is a little wonky because she moved. hehe

Dr. Sketchy Challenge!
"draw with your less dominant hand"

Ten minute poses

It sure was fun! I'm definitely going to go again! They gave out some prizes too like indie comic books, Etch-a-sketches, and free drinks. I didn't win anything, I was just happy to draw and be around other artists.

Thanks Dr. Sketchy!


gj said...

how can you go wrong with art and cupcakes? XD
i haven't touched charcoal in a long long time... seeing your drawings make me miss it.

Bennyville said...

You should break out the charcoal and conte crayons!! :3