Feb 5, 2009

Hanging out at the Big Apple

Hi All! I hope you're keeping warm wherever you are. BIG NEWS! The Secret Identities comic that I worked so very hard on last year is having two panels at New York Comic Con this weekend! You should check it out if you're around!

February 6-8

Saturday 1:30PM "Asian Americans and Superheroes: Secret Identities" panel in Room 1A18, SI editor-in-chief Jeff Yang and editor-at-large Keith Chow will be joined by Greg Pak and Bernard Chang (creative team of "The Citizen"). The panel will be moderated by Anne Ishii and will also feature the world premiere of the first Secret Identities trailer. (Room 1A18)

Sunday 11:15AM "The Multicultural Mask" panel, moderated by Jeff Yang, will feature Greg Pak, Jann Jones, Danielle O'Brien, Perry Moore, and Stuart Moore. (Room 1A17)

In other news, I've been doodling here an there. I recently saw an old movie, "The Professional" and was inspired to draw this:

Its a really good movie! It features a very young Natalie Portman. I had no idea she could be so fiesty.

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SWAiN said...

OK, I wish I'd known you were on a panel---darn! I sure would've attended!

Hope things went well.