May 5, 2008


I was looking at my 5" x 7" sketchbook and didn't realize that I've been doodling more than usual. I thought to myself, "When did I do all of this?". It was like 10 pages of new content! I don't have any access to a scanner at the moment... so I'll have to post those later. I do have additional drawings from Secret Identities... but I can't show you those. I'm not sure if I'll be breaking a contract, but to be on the safe side, I'll keep it to myself.

Not much else has been going on. Just trucking along, balancing a full-time job and comics on the side like I have the past few months.

I did have blast at comic con though!! Everyone that I encountered was totally inspiring and really nice. I'm still fairly new to comics so I'm jotting down a lot of names to research.

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