Dec 27, 2010

Jersey City Craft Mafia Handmade Holiday Market Review

Hi Everyone! I hope all of you had a warm and wonderful holiday! I took some downtime after the last Craft Fair but before moving on, its time to share some photos from the event!

The Jersey City Craft Mafia (JCCM) Handmade Holiday Market was the biggest event I've been a part of. How lucky! I'm so proud of my city! There are so many talented and eclectic neighboring artists and I was so happy to be in the same room with them. I love this community! In the few months I have been participating in events, everyone I have encountered has so far been vibrant and welcoming. This is only a prequel to bigger and better things!

The Handmade Holiday Market was organized by the Jersey City Craft Mafia with awesome sponsors such as Bust Magazine and Etsy as well as lovely locals such as Art House Productions, Made With Love organic bakery, Jersey City Independent, Another Man's Treasure and more. They all made this possible and I think it was a huge success. It was busy the moment the doors opened until closing! I had forgotten to take photos of my own booth since it was so busy. And I sold out of all of my products an hour early (waaat?!). That's how crazy busy it was! It reminded me a lot of the Bust Magazine Holiday Spectacular at the Warsaw in Brooklyn a couple of years back (except on a much smaller scale). Since my booth finished early, I went around and took photos of what I could of the other booths so you can experience the show :)

If I remember correctly, there were about 50 vendors that attended! If I missed your name/booth but I have a photo of you, I would love to credit you! Please message me and I will add you to my blog post :)

ArtHouse Productions had a really great idea of hosting a gift wrapping station! The Santa and giftbox buckets were so adorable!

Busy at the gift wrapping station. My boyfriend mentioned that he wished that he brought all the presents he bought so he could have them wrap it so he wouldn't have to do it lol.

"Facepainting and Coloring for Kids"
...or the young at heart :)

My friends showed up! yay!
They got their faces painted with Adventure Time characters!
Left: Kim with Lady Rainicorn Right: Angie with Jake the dog

My booth neighbor was Ashley of LadyLucas. She's very sweet and her work is equally sweet! She had these hilarious "Junk Food Elves".

Darling little stitched pig and hedgehogs :)

I was briefly speaking with the artists from The Metal Mermaid. Oh man! They are sooo talented! They immediately caught my eye because I took printmaking in college and its kind of rare to meet other printmakers since most people switched to digital art. I'm so happy they're keeping this art form alive! All of their work is striking and beautiful, they also mentioned that they do custom orders. They showed me a sample of a bridal invitation that opens like a lotus flower. It was incredible!

Gorgeous handmade mugs and candle holders by The Honey Pot Shop. Someday I'd love to have a small collection of handmade mugs since I love tea!

Adorable star-filled ornaments by Abby of O My Lucky Stars. I love her little tree. It reminds me of Charlie' Brown's Christmas tree lol. I was reunited with Abby through the craft shows we've attended. We haven't seen each other since high school!

Pink Velvet Bird
Adorably sweet and I love her hair accessories and funny moustache pins!

Quirky and nerdy napkins and bibs by [I think] Sswane.

Ah! I didn't get the name of this booth but she was next to Sswane. She knitted the green scarf at the show and it was fluffy soft like a cloud! I kept petting it lol. I love the color too!

Cutie cupcake soaps by Luca of Lollibomb Beauty. Ah! Luca is a tiny lady who has been contributing to the Jersey City craft community in a big way! She is the one who organized the Handmade Holiday Craft Fair and so far been a superstar at it! Every event that she's had a hand in has been highly organized, relaxed, and over-all cool vibe :) Thanks for being awesome Luca!!

Kiva is a very talented glassblower. I can't believe I met a glassblower! How awesome is that! I love these tiny miniature vases. Some of them are only about 2 inches tall!

Adorable jewelry by Elise of Geekilicious
My friend Angie bought a blue bubble tea necklace from her!

More from Geekilicious

I think my favorite booth at the show had to be Rubella Jewelry. They had kind of a Victorian Splendor meets Mad Scientist Lab vibe going on and I loved it! I found out that their jewelry is available on their online shop and also locally in my very own town called Kannibal Home. Pretty cool!

I stopped by Everything Tiny and they were really cool! They had these neato acrylic belt buckles. My favorites are the space ships, dinosaur, and the lego block... I think I like all them them haha. They had some matching necklaces too. edit: Thanks to Chris for letting me know that this space belongs to Everything Tiny. I just found out that when you buy a necklace from their site, they donate $10 to the Liberty Humane Society, our local animal shelter. Aww! They have hearts of gold!!

I loved these tiny 'Build your own tinysaur' kits. How appropriately named because they were soooo tiny! They stood about an inch high and the kit comes in a box that is the same size as an Altoids tin.

Gorgeous handmade jewelry by Posh Adornments.

I love everything! I will eventually buy something from her shop... after I finally decide what I like. Everything is beautiful its so hard to choose! Ah!

Really neat old-timey-styled newspaper stand holding modern zines and comics

Funky hats by Uta Brauser
I wish I had my camera when me and my friends were trying on all the hats! It was a good time!
We tried on funky fabulous hats in the shape of unicorns, dinosaurs, sharks, and bears!

VHS is not dead! Art by Jaden Rogers. I loved his booth too! I really gotta work on getting my craft room set up so I can get to the fun decorating part. I would love to have some of Jaden's work on my wall.

And that's about it! I hope you enjoyed looking at my photos. Thanks to the organizers, fellow artists, and everyone who attended the show. I had a wonderful time and looking forward to more events like this. Everyone was lovely :)




RevolvingDork said...

Awesome ( and thorough ) post Sarah, thanks for sharing it all! Its was great to see so many people out so close to Christmas.

FYI, the tinysaurs belong to :D

Katie said...

All the booths have such unique things--I would have loved to attend to get some awesome gifts for the holidays! I J'ADORE the little hedgehog print and the prints from Metal Mermaid.

Sarah said...

@RevolvingDork Hi Chris! Thanks so much for reading and sending me the link to Everything Tiny. Its been bothering me that I couldn't add it until now haha! Hooray the day is saved!

It was really nice meeting you too :D

@Katie I wish you could've gone Katie! Ah! You would've loved it! It was like Etsy live-action lol

debrah block said...

great post-totally enjoyed reading it

Anonymous said...

Great post! I vended at the event also and it really was truly a pleasure to be a part of. Luca did a fantastic job organizing and I pretty much wanted something from every booth. :)