Feb 3, 2012

My Monster Trophy

Hi All!

I have been on an amazing roller coaster ride since the start of the year. My post about 2011 in review was kind of a downer because I was living in an unhappy place in my life. I made a difficult decision to leave my job. I had a bunch of things in the works but nothing definite lined up. I took two weeks to recover from a very exhausting year when I got an exciting phone call! I had gotten a job offer from an interview that I attended a few monthsago! It all happened so quickly. The next thing I knew, they put me on a plane to California for a week of training. Then I was sent back home to work in their NYC office! I finished my first few weeks and I really like it so far!

I have worked so hard and it has taken me years to finally find a job that I could be satisfied with. I bought myself a Monster High doll as a trophy to celebrate! I really wanted one because I think they are amazing toys, and also because its a nod to the industry that I'm in: The Fashion World!

I don't know any other toys that are as fashionable as Monster High! Voila! This is Frankie Stein. Isn't she amazing? I haven't really seen the TV show, but I love the toys. I've never seen anything like them. Frankie looks like an alien with her green skin. I love it!

This is what she looked like in the box. I was pretty impressed with the packaging. They had a lot of fancy things going on. There were a lot of shiny parts printed on it called "Spot UV". The slant on the front of box hides the stand and other things, like fasteners, that should be hidden. I'm mentioning this fancy-packaging-talk because that's what I do for my job. I manage packaging for fashion and apparel. Its not a creative position, but I still like it. I've worked as a packaging artist before, but its different being on the management side. I'm learning a lot of new things about packaging that I didn't know before.

I'm also meeting a lot of cool people and learning about business and the fashion world. Its new to me and a little intimidating at times. I feel a lot like the girl from the show "Ugly Betty". Just like the character, I'm weird and awkward. I stick out like a sore thumb with my shabby clothes when I'm around the fashion people. But hey, I am who I am and I still get the job done. Appearances be damned! Ok, I take that back...

I'm embracing the fashion community with open ears and open eyes because it can only help with a huge fashion project that I've been working on over the past couple of months. I'm in a different time in my life. I want to figure out my personal style and wardrobe that is relevant to who I am now. I know that appearances are important. I'd like to put more value in my appearance because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good its a huge confidence booster! This amazing new job can help me with a lot of my goals on so many levels. I'm really excited about it and whatever comes my way this year!


San Smith said...

I'm so excited for you Sarah!! <3 Also, cute Frankie! ;)

Gale said...

SARAHH!! congrats on the new job. it sounds amazing and i can't wait to hear more about it as you go. i'm really happy for you! you must be so excited. also, i'm currently trying to re-figure out my fashion style too. since now having a new job allows me to, yay! i hope you document your wardrobes here. i'm eager to see;) and can use some motivation!

btw, i scrolled down a few posts and see you in your giraffe costume on the slopes. you are badass my friend! loved that.

Sarah Monster said...

Sarah, when you wrote that post a few years ago about taking care of your appearance so you feel better, it was so true! Not to be someone you're not, but to feel better & feel confident. Confidence is vital<3 I'll always be grateful for that lesson.

Sarah Monster said...

& congrats on the new job. how terribly exciting! i wanna hear more about it! :D

Sarah said...

@San Thanks so much! Hee! I love Frankie! You got me into Monster High!!

@Gale Ahh! Gale! Likewise! I'm really happy that we both found jobs that we're happy with this year! Its so nice to have extra spending money, huh? hahaha! Yes yes! Please make fashion posts too! I really dig your style. p.s. omg! I'm a nut! My Giraffe costume! haha!

@Sarah We've come so far!!! I'm really glad I was able to help. I also learn a lot of lessons from your blog. Thanks for the well wishes! Let's keep being awesome!!

Geekilicious said...

Congrats on the new job, Sarah! Glad you found a position that you're excited about :)

We should have some wings or bubble tea sometime soon. It'd be great to see you!

Sarah said...

@Geekilicious hehehe! Thanks! I'm happy! Its been crazy busy but I can spare an evening for geeky girls and boys and food! I'd like to hang out too <3

Dave said...

Hey Sarah. I'm so happy that you are finding your niche in life. Good change comes to us when we get out and seek it. You have certainly earned it. I hope that things continue to get better as you travel the new road ahead. I understand your Ugly Betty reference except the fact that you are certainly not ugly and I just can't see you as a Betty. Betty is a name for a Golden Girl. You are not gold. You are unique, a diamond in the rough. Beautiful does not describe or even compare to your uniqeness. A cliche metaphor, nor a single word nor a definition in the dictionary could even begin to describe the wonderful person you are. So as we all continue with the evolution that has bought us here, continue to do what makes you happy. Take care and stay true to yourself. Good things are coming and more good things are sure to come :-)

- Dave