Dec 7, 2010

Top 5 Tuesday

Hi Everyone! I have been so busy that I barely have time to keep up with my blog! I miss it! There are so many awesome things that have been happening and more to come! I just finished a craft show last weekend and I'm already preparing for the next one in less than two weeks! I have a few things that I've been itching to share, so Top 5 Tuesday is a little late this week.

1. Sing-a-ma-jigs. There are very few things on our planet that are both horrible and wonderful at the same time. I have discovered one of them and this is a true story. I was watching this YouTube video:

John from vlogbrothers wants to be in his brother's band but he can't play any instruments so he was "learning how to play the Sing-a-ma-jig" to "become a Sing-a-ma-jig player". HILARIOUS! The dolls have the ability to harmonize perfectly which is cool, but the creepy factor is that they can move their mouths! I kind of want to buy one [or four] but they scare me! The next best thing is to play with the virtual dolls online! I hereby allow you to button-smash your keyboard!

2. Debutante Rock Candy Bass in Atomic Pink by Daisy Rock! A few weeks ago I made a small announcement on my Twitter that I picked up one of these babies. I wanted to introduce it for its own post but... I couldn't wait! Its just too awesome! I OWN A HOT PINK GLITTERY BASS GUITAR!

I wear many hats when it comes to music. I've had private lessons for classical piano, private lessons for combination drums (mostly rock but classical too!), and sang in two ensemble choirs. For a brief period I was a drummer in a garage band and we even did a few gigs. Last year I started learning ukulele on my own. I even tried my hand at a bit of the clarinet (I hated it! OMG I couldn't breathe!). None of these instruments felt natural to me. My ability grew because of hard work and practice. I don't have natural talent or "perfect pitch" like my unbelievably gifted brother. However, I'm happy to have learned these instruments because all of my teachers imprinted a foundation that is invaluable to every musician. I learned the sheet music, rhythm, time signatures, music theory, etc. And there was homework! So much homework! All of that hard work paid off because now I am able to play bass guitar! While this instrument does not feel natural to me either, I have a lot of fun playing it. I really look forward to practicing solo. And with this glittery hot pink guitar, I already feel like a rock star!

3.The Secret of Kells. I found this by accident when I was looking for something animated to watch on Netflix. The animated short is based on Celtic folklore. While I found the story a little hard to follow, the visuals are absolutely stunning! Its a frenetic feast for the eyes! The stylized characters contrast well with the heavily textured backgrounds. I grabbed a ton of screencaps for you:

The next ones are my favorites <3

I highly recommend this movie especially if you're an artist or aspiring to become one!
Actually... I might even buy the DVD!

4. Shea Butter. This year I am determined to DEFEAT Winter skin! Last month I shared a review of Heirloom Soapworks Soap and since homemade soaps have done wonders for my skin, I am taking the next step which is moisturizing! This was a suggestion by a few of my readers who commented that shea butter will do miraculous things, so I listened. Gosh, I really love the soapmaking community, every soapmaker I have met through forums, craft shows, and messages have been genuinely kind. It must be the nature of the community! I hope I am right!

During the Black Friday sale, I picked up a few toiletries including shea butter from Nourish. I love what this shea butter is doing for my skin so far, but I think I have been ripped off. At $12 and some change, I got a little over five ounces of product. I'm sure this is a high quality substance, but to be honest I feel like I was paying more for the packaging than for the actual product. I respect the attractive design and the work that goes into packaging (Hello! I used to be a package designer!), but I don't know... all I see is an empty wallet. At the very least my skin is soft and smooth! I will continue to use shea butter, but as for this particular brand, I would rather look elsewhere.

5. Panda bento Box! Need I say more? I found this on Ebay and I love it!


cuteordeath said...

I love shea butter! I used to carry a little pot of it around to use as lip balm. But yeah, you did kinda get ripped off. :p Check amazon for it, you can get 32oz tubs for around $10.

Katie said...

I saw those Sing-a-ma-jigs on a talk show and I think they're OBNOXIOUSLY CUTE.

And is the secret of Kells on Netflix instant?? I might have to go find it, it looks GORGEOUSSSS.

Sarah said...

@cuteordeath aw man lol! Well... at least I got it with free shipping. I didn't realize how small it would be when it arrived. I should've researched this more. Thanks for the tip on Amazon! I have no idea why I didn't look there first! :O

@katie aren't they?! hahahaha They're fascinating to me. I hope they come out with more sing-a-ma-jigs. I'd love to have a hamster one :) Yus yus! Please watch The Secret of Kells and let me know what you think of it!! <3

wichser studio said...

WOW this is seriously an awesome amazing list!

That's guitar is so sweet! And it's so cool that you got to learn it. Guitar is something I always wished I could play. I tried a bunch of times and I could never stick long enough to learn really.

The Secret of Kells, I've heard from friends that this is a really great movie esp. visually. And you have convinced me of it here! I love it. I think I need to watch that ASAP. Hehe thanks for sharing.

And yesss shea butter is key! haha..i need to pick up some too.

wichser studio said...

Oh yeaaa, I also wanted to tell you that I featured one of your items in an Etsy treasury! hehe I forgot.

Check it out here,

Sarah said...

@Wischer Yay! Thank you :) I think this is one of my fave T5T to date! I hope I can keep up with it, these are really fun <3

Its not too late to learn the guitar - so don't give up if you really want to play :). Three years ago, one of my friends picked up the guitar and he was in his very late 20's. Now he's doing all of these crazy solos! I would have thought he was playing for at least 6 years the way he plays. He practices 45 minutes a day though. I envy his dedication. He makes me want to be a better musician. He really loves playing guitar! I never found an instrument that I love they way he does - I'm hoping its bass guitar for me :)

Misha said...

Heirloom Soapworks Soap - i...really want to take a bite out of a lot of those soaps. Namely the lava one. But i've gotten some soap samples from i think....Sabon? And they smell sooooo good.

Shea Butter said...

This would be a great secret Santa gift!!