Feb 15, 2010

Day 29: The quest to become a Toy Designer

Hey Everyone! I can't even begin to tell you how much I've missed blogging! The big secret that I've been teasing you about is that I will be attending the International Toy Fair 2010 in NYC! Yay!

I took some time off to prepare my portfolio to show around to hopefully make my dream come true: to become a Toy Designer! I'm not sure what to expect as this is my first time going. But regardless, it looks like a fun time. I'm excited to see all the new toys and hopefully make some new friends. I'd love to meet more people who love toys as much as I do!

I completed my To Do list that I set for myself these past few weeks:
-updated my resume
-got business cards ready
-assembled my toy portfolio
-researched companies
-printed portfolio samples
-found a cute outfit! <3

I spent Valentine's Day at Kinkos printing my portfolio samples. I'm super lucky that I have such an understanding boyfriend. He even helped me cut and assemble all of them. Aren't they cute? They are the size of matchbooks.

I've also created a brand new portfolio site for my work! I'm so pleased how this came out. My brother helped me with the layout. He's a computer genius!

This is what I usually look like when I'm working at my computer. I like to use my big headphones to tune everything out :)

I wish I could write more, but I have to finish some things here to be rested for tomorrow. I'll definitely follow up with a review of the Toy Fair. Good nite lovlies!


Hayden Scott-Baron said...

I really love your toy designs! Best of luck with the toy fair! :D

Sarah said...

@ Hayden (Dock) thanks so much!!! And luck is what I need <3