Oct 20, 2009

Secret Projects!

Hiya Guys!

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts. I've been busy preparing for something amazing! I can't tell you just yet, but I am shooting for the beginning of November. I'm a little disappointed that I might not be able to do this any sooner, but I was shooting for the stars when I started this project. I wish I could sew faster!

Last month I concentrated on learning something new which was painting. I'm still enthusiastic about it! I've read a ton of books and have been practicing color theory and brush strokes. Its been so long since I've painted, but it feels really good to go back to it. I'll have to put it down for this other project I am working on. I have a gazillion ideas and they are all trying to come out at once!

However, this month, I am concentrating on playing up my strengths. My secret project has something to do with sewing. I hinted on this on my Twitter, but kind of regret doing so. I have such a big mouth! But I promise you that it will be fun and cute!

This is what my work desk looks like. Its a mess of embroidery floss spaghetti. I love embroidery floss! It reminds me of being a kid because I used to make a lot of friendship bracelets. I was blown away that there are a ton of uses for these things and not just bracelets.

Mixed media... I was spray painting these buttons in my backyard.

I love browsing the internet for cute things. I found these darling rainbow owls on etsy. I saved the picture, but I didn't save the etsy shop :( and now I don't know where to find them... If you happen to know who this seller is, please let me know. He or she is really talented and I'd love to see more things from this person. I found the mystery etsy shop!! She put more owls up!! Ah!! And the pears are pretty cute too!

Having learned my lesson of not keeping track of the cute things... I remembered to jot down that I liked this funny banana necklace by Peach Block at www.sickforcute.com

My boyfriend sent me this strange image. I can't get it out of my head! I'm not sure if I like it or not, but it sure is funny/creepy/and strangely cute...

<3 Sarah


gj said...

the suspense is too much! XD
your secret project sounds exciting~

and that bananananana is awesome.

Sarah Sapang said...

As in the words of Spaceballs: "Soon!" :D

Crabnana Lives!!!