Nov 16, 2008

Comics and things

Its almost 2am and I was just thinking about my life the past year... Its a big year for art. I've been involved with the Secret Identities project for a year and now its coming to a close and I'm starting to feel sad but mostly excited!!! I really do hope people like it - the story I was given has a piece of my heart now. And that's all I'll say about that.

After this, I'm looking forward to a personal project of mine which has been marinating in the back of my brain for the past 2 years and finally I'll be able to start it with two friends of mine! It will be yet another exciting year!!

Ahh! So sorry I can't tell you any more of that. So many secret projects that I can mention but not tell you about.... (I also need to get into the habit of blogging more)

1 comment:

Pinkimoon said...

Hey woman I'm glad to see that you are posting on your blog again.

Don't worry people will love the anthology and they will love your work. =D